Collection: Epoxy resin jewelry

Here is our collection of jewelry in epoxy resin made entirely by hand by passionate wood craftsmen. We have a wide range of wood and epoxy resin jewelry on our Royal Bois online store.

These are the perfect gifts to give for a special occasion or to offer a magnificent epoxy resin jewelry that will sublimate you in any way ...

All our creations are made with quality finishes!

You will also find:

  • Rings
  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings

However, we are often asked a few questions about our epoxy resin bushings and other products.

What is resin jewelry made of

All our jewelry is made of two materials which are epoxy resin and wood.

Regarding wood, it may vary depending on the type of wood species used. In general, the woods used for these rings are fir wood. But that does not prevent us from using woods like walnut, oak, elm, chestnut and many other wood species.

For the resin we use perfect epoxy to create objects of all kinds such as river tables or epoxy pendants. In addition to the resin, dyes are added to accentuate its aestheticism and create designs that are all different from each other.

Epoxy resin jewelry their strong point

Note that you can use several types of resins:

  • Polyester resin
  • Laminating resin
  • Resin jewelry casting
  • UV resin

They each have their advantages depending on their characteristics and the way they are used.

Polyester resin is inexpensive compared to others, they harden faster and once hard, it has the particularity of being very robust. But its appearance and less aesthetic than epoxy resin or casting.

Laminating resin is our preferred choice because it is epoxy. And it is from this resin that we design all our jewelry. It is more aesthetic and more suitable for the manufacture of small objects. It is quite multi-functional for its uses.

We will find the casting jewelry resin that we use for our epoxy tables or river table. It is more resistant when used on a larger surface, unlike the laminating resin which will be preferred for small objects such as our resin jewelry.

Finally we will have the UV resin which hardens with the help of a UV lamp very quickly. It is perfect for individuals wanting to create their own resin object. However, its downside is its quick drying. You will need to use more layers after layers. This is why it is mainly used for small items such as resin jewelry.

The creation of resin jewelry

The manufacture of our epoxy resin jewelry is done in 3 steps.

  • 1st step we decide on the design of the jewelry, that is to say the color, the shape and what it will contain.

  • 2nd step we will choose the type of wood that will be coupled to the resin, as we saw above that there are several types of wood.

  • 3rd we will shape our piece of wood before they are coupled to the resin. Drilling holes, sanding, etc ...

  • 4th step preparation of the color resin and its hardener.

  • 5th step creation and preparation of the mold for assembly and resin casting

  • 6th step we place the piece of wood in the mold, as well as any other objects chosen for the production and we just pour the resin inside the mold. It is added either before coloring, or after in a delicate way to draw color lines, as in the photo below:

bijoux en résine

  • 7th let the resin dry

  • 8th steps take off the jewelry from the mold to make the finishes which are sanding on very fine grain and finish by polishing.

Our natural flower resin jewelry

The most popular resin jewelry is our natural flower jewelry, which is highly regarded for its design and clean beauty by enclosing inside a natural flower that has been carefully picked.

Many of our rings have natural flowers in epoxy resin, but also in our necklace, pendant and earring.

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