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Discover our exclusive collection of epoxy tables, the largest catalog of river tables in France! Our range is varied by their colors, sizes and shapes. You will find resin tables for the living room, for your balcony or even your dining room, in different shapes: round, square, rectangular, etc...

Here is a more detailed description of what is an epoxy resin table, also called river table which is a real work of art!

The manufacture of this type of table is very technical, as it requires some experience in the choice and handling of wood while having some skill with epoxy resin.

The river table can be personalized in different ways, such as its size or its shape, but also by the materials used, the type of wood, the coloring of the resin, etc... You will have understood that you can all to do, only the crafting is the obstacle bar if you lack practice with woodworking and epoxy.

What is an epoxy table made of

The epoxy resin table, can be made with several materials and objects for the decorative side. However, there are two main elements which are the wood for the support of the table and the epoxy for the decorative and operational side of it, because it is the resin which will cover and correct the defects of the wood. t3>

But as said at the beginning we can add objects that we dip in the resin and once the resin has dried the object or the materials introduced in addition to the wood and the resin will become one with Table. Like for example the river tables where sand and small stones are very often added.

Below is an example of one of our river themed epoxy resin tables.We can see forest elements introduced into the table, such as stones or bark.

table rivière, table époxy, river table

For this, several processes are to be followed for the manufacture of this type of table and this varies according to its size and its use. An office table will not have the same characteristics as a dining room table or a living room coffee table.

At Royal Bois we can create several types of epoxy resin tables such as:

  • Walnut and blue epoxy resin dining table
  • Large semi-transparent gray epoxy resin reception table
  • Meeting table in solid wood and white epoxy resin
  • Solid oak and resin living room coffee table
  • Etc...

There are a multitude of different tables, however the manufacturing process remains the same.

How are they made?

The epoxy tables are made with two main elements which are:
  • The wood chosen according to its shape and characteristics
  • The epoxy resin, as well as a dye chosen for its design

For the wood, it is chosen upstream according to the specifications.

  1. We start by making the mold where the wood will be positioned just before the epoxy casting.

  2. Then comes the cutting of the wooden planks. In a river table there can be several boards joined together or only one board wide enough for the width of the table.

  3. Once the boards are ready, they are placed side by side in the mold with the edges high enough to define the thickness of the table.

  4. The epoxy resin will also be prepared before casting. We define the quantity of resin, then we mix it with a catalyst for its hardening. We add color to it depending on what we want to achieve in the end.

  5. Finally, we pour the epoxy resin mixed with the catalyst for its hardening, adding coloring or objects such as stones, leaves, sand, etc.

  6. Finish: Once the resin has dried, the table is taken off its mold to be sanded and polished. Apply epoxy paint exceptionally.

The different woods that exist for a river table

Each wood has its own characteristics for making an epoxy table, I'll let you see our article on the blog about the best woods for an epoxy table.

We make our tables with all the wood species that exist in the world. What the client or cabinetmaker wants, we order from our suppliers who list over 500 different species of wood.

We mainly use 6 species of wood for the design of epoxy resin tables:

  • Oak
  • Fir
  • Elm
  • Ash
  • Chestnut
  • Walnut

Choosing a river table

The choice of a resin table is made according to several criteria:

Criteria #1 will be its use and location, i.e. where the table will be located.

  • Dining room
  • Living room
  • Office
  • Terrace
  • And so...

Criterion n°2 will be the dimensions (Length, width and thickness). A living room table will be lower than a dining table which will be taller and taller.

Criterion #3 will be the materials used and its design. The color of the table should embellish your room and not be an element completely at odds with your decoration.

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